New updates on in-game statistics: Mana, Mana Cost and Skill

After gathering feedback from the Plant Empires player community, our team has reviewed and updated the system as well as rebalanced the Mana stats when using the Skill. Take a closer look at the new updates on the board down below. Mana and Mana Generation  2. Mana Cost when using Skill 3. Single Healing Stats […]

How to purchase NFT items on Plant Empires’ Marketplace

In this article, we will give you full instructions on how to purchase NFT items such as Gacha Chest, NFT Plants, Orbs. From how to connect your wallet to purchase NFT items right on our Marketplace! Marketplace is a location where users can freely exchange, buy, and sell NFTs with other participants. Users are free […]


The Invite Code feature was only recently added to version 1.0.10, but it has already piqued the interest of many users. As a result, when a new account enters the INVITE CODE code from an old player, they will receive a valuable gift that will make it easier for new users to access and explore […]

Plant Empires new patch : V1.0.2

Following the completion of the system upgrade, Plant Empires promptly published a new patch that included more features and solved certain bugs in the game. Changelog V1.0.2 Dormant skill update Geranium Arrow skill update Mark victory level in the main quest Highlight Plants that died when using revive item Show reward log list in account […]

Sale opening event of Gacha Chests – A new product by Plant Empires

In the beautiful natural world of plant Empires, Plants hold a great deal of power. Plants are the only creatures capable of dealing with monsters. Depending on Rarity, each plant species has its own set of skills and abilities. 1. What is Gacha Chest? Plants may level up by defeating enemies, and when they reach […]

Plant Empires: Vision and Mission

Both mission and vision are always the lodestar lighting up all the nooks and crannies in Plant Empires’ world. Our enthusiastic team never forgets to bring you real value by developing our products and solving every problem. 1. Vision In the current situation of the GameFi 1.0 market, players mainly focus on earning instead of […]

Plant Empires: An Overall Introduction

GameFi is now one of the most significant parts of bitcoin and blockchain usage. Thanks to the great development of blockchain technology in recent years, GameFi has been rapidly taking over the traditional gaming industry since the rise of Axie Infinity. It attracts gamers by offering them an opportunity to make money while having fun. […]