How to buy Gacha Chest on Plant Empires’ Marketplace

Create a Metamask Wallet First, you need to install Metamask Google Chrome Access: Click Download on the menu bar. Choose Install MetaMask for Chrome, and you will be directed to the online store of Chrome. Click Add to Chrome, when the new window opens, choose Add Extension to install to Chrome. Firefox Access Firefox and go to Choose Download and then […]

New features: Connect wallet and Check-in on Plant Empires’ Dapp site

Plant Empires team is very excited to introduce the brand new features. You can now connect your wallet directly and check in every day to receive rewards on Plant Empires’ Dapp site. Step 1: Go to Plant Empires’ Dapp website then click on the Account tab Step 2: Connect your wallet by clicking on Sign […]

How to purchase NFT items on Plant Empires’ Marketplace

In this article, we will give you full instructions on how to purchase NFT items such as Gacha Chest, NFT Plants, Orbs. From how to connect your wallet to purchase NFT items right on our Marketplace! Marketplace is a location where users can freely exchange, buy, and sell NFTs with other participants. Users are free […]

Fusion Room in Laboratory – Brand new feature in Plant Empires

Plant Empires would like to introduce a brand new feature in the Official Version, Fusion Room in Laboratory. This is a place for you to optimize even the Plants, Orbs, or items that are remnants. Fusion room is the first feature in Plant Empires’ Laboratory being published. Other features will be expected in Q3, 2022. […]